Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Nicey Jane and LilyandEbony

If only I had a little more time, I would make samples of every fabric collection I buy for the AllegroFabrics Shop.  This little set is made from Nicey Jane by Heather Bailey.  It's a huge collection with prints of all sizes, so it was difficult to choose...and this little model is such a petite little one!  I made the set in a size 2.  I have decided to make a custom sized one under the LilyandEbony label.  I have it listed on Ebay, with many other pictures for you to look at.  Speaking of those pics, I think the photography is amazing!  It was probably about 50 degrees that day, too.  Seattle weather is like winter all year long! the listing HERE


Megross said...

Oh my goodness, she is a cute little one! Darling outfit. Those are great colors for her and I love the shots with parasol.

Your nice weather will be coming...we are hot and humid today in the Nation's Capital. When we are miserably hot in July and August you will have perfect weather. :-) (We moved here from the Seattle area.)


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